Best Anti Ransomware Protection

The best protection from Ransomware and data hijacking ever!

best Anti Ransomware protection

  • Protects you from Ransomware
  • Guarding your files in the background
  • The double net against Ransomware


Anti Ransomware: Background Guard

AntiRansomware independently and continuously scans for irregularities and signs of ransomware and displays potential attackers.

Scan for Ransomware

Anti Ransomware quickly recognizes malware using complex algorithms.

 Emergency stop

The emergency stop shuts down the system and begins in a secure environment should a Trojan ever infiltrate your machine.

Ransom Live Updates for free

Anti Ransomware is constantly being developed and updates are available free of charge.

Instant notification

You will be notified right away via mail following a ransomware attack and receive additional advice.

No performance impact

The Guard operates in the background so that your computer’s performance is unaffected.


Anti Ransomware: Your data’s protector

You can easily get infected with ransomware when opening a file or even just browsing the internet. Your confidential information is not deleted once the blackmail Trojan has infected your computer; instead, it is encrypted and held for ransom. We have created AntiRansomware, the blackmail virus stopper, in collaboration with experts to give you an excellent defense against so-called ransomware. If files on your PC are encrypted, the guard monitors all background activities and promptly sounds the warning based on sophisticated detection patterns.

Help right away in the event of a data breach

The blackmail virus stopper will promptly shut down your PC to stop additional encryption if a blackmail Trojan is detected. The machine subsequently boots into safe mode, which typically prevents the execution of ransomware. You are assisted in the following steps and given helpful advice on how to manage your data via a help wizard. In more severe ransomware situations, the machine is entirely turned off to reduce the risk of additional data encryption. You will receive an email alert if your computer is not in use at that time.

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What is Ransomware?

Malware known as ransomware locks you out of your computer or personal files and demands money in exchange for access. Mobile devices, Macs, and PCs are all infected by ransomware. Additionally, breaking into your network and infecting other devices, can jeopardize cybersecurity.

Does Windows 10 protect against Ransomware?

Yes, Windows 10 does include ransomware defense. Since it is not activated by default, many individuals are unaware of its existence.

Before employing it, you might want to give it some thought. The ransomware protection for Windows 10 frequently finds false positives, which means it might identify a reliable program as having a ransomware infection. The program could crash or you might not be able to save your work if the warning appears at an inappropriate time.

Because it’s difficult to foresee which programs Windows 10 will flag as suspicious, you won’t always be able to use your preferred apps or games with its ransomware defense. You can manually add your trusted programs to a whitelist in order to prevent this, but doing so isn’t easy, especially if you’re not technically smart. Overall, if you enable Microsoft 10 ransomware protection, you might need to make a lot of alterations.

What steps should you take if Anti Ransomware doesn’t work?

Even the most advanced anti-ransomware tools may not be able to stop every attack. Disconnecting an infected machine from the q2snetwork and any shared storage devices is the first thing to do after a successful ransomware assault. This aids in halting the spread of the ransomware.

Then, you can support anti ransomware efforts by informing federal authorities about ransomware assaults. Attacks involving ransomware can be reported to the FBI via a nearby field office and the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at

It is preferable to leave data recovery and ransomware removal to IT professionals and outside suppliers. These experts might be able to decrypt files, but they might also determine that wiping infected computers clean and recovering data from a recent backup copy is preferable.

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