How to watch an Instagram story highlights anonymously

How to watch an Instagram story highlights anonymously

Millions of people around the world use the Instagram application, because it is the first photo and video application in the world, so it is indispensable on any smartphone to follow the accounts of friends in addition to following the accounts of celebrities from various fields. Users However, many users want to watch Instagram view highlights anonymously, for many reasons.

If you are looking for an effective and fast way that enables you to watch Instagram story highlights anonymously, follow this topic with us until the end to know more than one guaranteed way to help you watch any number of stories on Instagram, completely hidden and without using your account permanently, as there are more than A site that offers this service in addition to many applications that you can download for free to do the same.


Watching an Instagram view highlights anonymously

If you want to watch any Instagram story in an unobtrusive manner, follow the following paragraphs with us to learn more than one free way through which you can watch the Instagram story  highlights anonymously with ease, using the best sites and applications that provide this service completely free of charge, where you have to Read the topic until the end to be able to choose the appropriate method for you


Watch the Instagram view highlights anonymously

Many users are always looking for easy ways that do not depend on downloading applications and entering into many complex steps, so if you are one of those and looking for a quick solution online, here is the site to watch Instagram view highlights anonymously, which is the free StoriesIG site, which is one of the best sites that gives you Watching Instagram Story  highlights anonymously online without applications where you can visit it and use it through some simple steps and through this paragraph we will get to know together on the site of watching Instagram view highlights anonymously, the best at all from my point of view and the method of use as follows

  • In the beginning, click here to be able to go to the StoriesIG website.
  • After navigating to the site, you must copy the name of the account you want to view its Alastori.
  • Here, go back to Instagram and copy the name of the account.
  • Then go to the site and paste the name into the Username field.
  • After pasting the name in the designated field, click on the View option, so that the site will display the story of the account immediately


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